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Mapei Floor Covering Installation Systems

MAPEI is the world leader in the manufacturing of mortars, grouts, adhesives and complementary products for installing all types of floor and wall coverings. MAPEI produces the most innovative products for the construction market. 

• Subfloor Treatment Products
• Patching and Skimcoating Products
• Self-Levelers
• Primers
• Slope and Deep-Fill Products
• Sound-Reduction Products
• Carpet Installation Adhesives
• Carpet Installation Accessories
• Resilient Flooring Adhesives
• Wood-Flooring Adhesives
• Wood-Flooring Installation Accessories
• Moisture-Control Products
• Decorative Toppings
• Coating and Sealer
• Densifiers
• Sealants and Joint Fillers
Mapei products
Mapei products
Mapei products